Friday, September 29, 2006


Rollin' it out playa'

No flashy graphic, no joke, not even something that will keep your interests on the home page... but I am really lazy. You'll have to look at the pages to the left for anything entertaining.

I did a large update this time!

This site has been running for three years!

A buddy icon.

More Fun with Facial Hair!!

New Reviews!


New Top 10!

New Story!

If there is anything that you think is missing from this website, feel free to let me know (if you can figure out how to get a hold of me). I'm going for hilarity, not news and information. Keep that in mind.


and these

more images


my junk for the blog

I'll need these images


It was only a matter of time...

This whole new thing out (that's been around for years) called web 2.0 is decidedly going to make my life a lot easier. Rather than having to make my own pages, upload them, store them, ect. I'll allow someone else to do the boring stuff, and all I have to do is my magic. The content of my pages won't change at all, just the way they are presented. Another really cool thing about it is that I'll be archiving things now. You can look back to days of old, when men were men and women were men. What an amazing age we live in.

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